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I am a Wellington based Web and User Experienced Designer.
Currently I am working as a Web and UX Design at Yoobee School of Design. In this role I teach adult students how to use the UX process to create a user friendly product, and then develop it using industry standards programming langauges.

Outside of Yoobee I am also a freelance designer. I have worked with a wide range of clients, all asking for different types of websites as well as different types of programming langauges and software. I have worked as a Design Intern and Contract Developer for Little Yellow Bird. They are a company which manufactures ethically made work attire. I was taked with creating their online store using a custom Shopify Theme as well as adding in additional functionality to their site.
The Medicial Research Institute of New Zealand is another client of mine, having redesigned their website by creating them a custom Wordpress Theme, helps them show off the work which they are doing as well as keeping people up to date with new medical research tests which they recruiting for.
Other companies I have done some work for include, Creative HQ, Grow Wellington, The Wellington Boys and Girls Institute, Breadcrumbs and I am currently working with the Wellington Health Tech Network in developing a website to help show their networking events which they are holding.


These are just a handful of projects that I have done over my time as a Freelance Web Designer. My github includes more industry and personal projects I have done so feel free to check it out here.

Medical Research Institute of New Zealand

I was tasked with redesigning their exisiting website to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate. Because they wanted to easily manage content, I decided to use Wordpress to utilise their exisiting back end management system. I created a custom Wordpress theme which extends what the functionality of Wordpress to match what they are hoping to achieve from their website.
View the site here.
Read the code on GitHub.
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Wellington on a Plate Map

Currently, there isn't any official map for all of the restaurants participating in 2019's Visa Wellington on a Plate. So I made one.
View the site here.
Read the code on GitHub.
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Little Yellow Bird

Once I left my studies at Yoobee, I became a freelance designer for Little Yellow Bird. I was tasked with creating designs for their website to showcase the collection of apparel they produce. The site was built using Shopify and a custom theme was create. Shopify uses a language called liquid which was new to me.

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Breadcrumbs is a start-up company aimed at helping people discover new things based on peoples interested.

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Group Randomizer

As a tutor at Yoobee School of Design, I have often had to put my students into groups to work on projects. I decided to try and make something a bit more fun and create a slot machine which puts the students into random groups. The project uses React JS to create a web application which can be used for any groups you want to create.

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As a class project, I tasked the students to create their own stopwatch app using ReactJS. I decided to also do one myself but use a different design than a normal stopwatch. As well as the timer going up, there is a minutes and seconds radial clock around it which goes with the time. It was a fun little project which I really enjoyed using ReactJS for.

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