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2019 Wellington on a Plate Map

Currently, there isn't any official map for all of the restaurants participating in 2019's Visa Wellington on a Plate. So I made one.

Visa Wellington on a Plate is an annual food festival primarily focusing on burgers and cocktails.
This was a fun side project of mine where I managed to find data on all of the venues that are participating in the event.
After looking at which ones I wanted to go to on their websites, I found it hard to find locations near me and they didn't have an easy to use location-based search.
Because of this, I decided to create my own application which uses the google maps API to show a map with all the venues that are participating, as well as details about what they are selling.
The site is built in React JS and allows users to preview venues before deciding which one they want to go to.

Based on user feedback, I added the option to filter out burgers based on dietary requirements, protein preference and price.

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